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Role of School in the process of socialization

Unit-3. [C] Role of School in the process of socialization
`School is an important part of the society. It is known as social organization because it is the school which provides an exposure to educands and it prepares the students to occupy social roles according to their capacities after receiving the school. School is considered a sa second home for for students because it is a school where in students passes most of the time of his day and this is utilized in form of learning. Every educand learns about social life, social norms and social believes etc..and he will be produced as a social being. So in OS in the process of socialization school plays a very significant role. Its functions are as under.
The first and the foremost function of the school is to transmit knowledge and skills to the younger generation. So in the process of socialization the younger generation can utilize the knowledge and skills. They are become aware about social rights, rules, regulation and social believers so that they live according to their own ideas and knowledge. The agricultural institutions tell the sons of cultivators about better means of cultivation. All schools impart knowledge of 3rs I.E., Reading, Writing and arithmetic which help students to skillfully manage the household affairs and also matters concerning everyday life. These 3rs are converted into 7rs i.e. reading writing, arithmetic, relationship, responsibilities, recreation only through school education because school education which make educands familiar about social responsibilities as a social being. They develop thinking skill so recreation lies in their behavior.
School keeps the moral power of the society, secure and also maintain social heritage of the society. This social heritage is handed on the following generation by the school. So it brings awareness in an individual about moral power of society and social heritage. Ex. Have a skit related to society.
School protects the historical continuity of society. It performs the function of acquainting the new generation with ancient myths and legends and maintaining the patterns of behavior in the form of traditions and customs. So students become aware about ancient myths and legends and behavior thereby they behave in a particular social way. Ex. By performing drama.
The school is like a family, a social; institution which socializes the individual and provides him some experience in social control therefore , the individual will learn to accept the kind of social control that is imposed on him in school and will also demand similar social control from society for this reason , there is a great insistence in democratic countries that the atmosphere in the school should be democratic and we find the democratic climate in school around us which acquaints students with democratic norms of social control which is very important in the process of socialization. Thus students learn how to live with democratic norms and how to behave with each other which help in the process of socialization.
School fosters all round development of personality Students, physical, mental, emotional and social . School involves all students in different co- curricular activities so that students develop physically, mentally and socially. Eg. Curricular activities like Puzzles, games, group discussion, sport related to the curriculum. Which develop students physically, socially and mentally thinking skills and co –curricular or extra activities including debate, elocution,
competition, drawing etc.. develop individual differences and particular skills to educands. They also develop social leadership qualities other political leadership traits etc..which indirectly help every individual to be asocial being that mean every individual are socialized by such activities.
The school provides social environment before children by organizing students inions, social service camp social functions and parents- teacher association etc.. So that all the socially desirable values namely sympathy, co- operation, tolerance, social awakening and discipline in them so school develops social dealing in all children.
School works under the light of social ideals and develop the child with reference to such ideals and aims. School encourages children to come in active contact with the libraries and youth welfare countries organized by the community or Govt.
The miniature school life is brought into active and lively contact with wider world out-sides that means school provides a conducive climate. The head masters and teachers allow freedom to the students which make them more responsible. They impart knowledge of social customs and traditions and develop values of society among students.

These are the main functions of school in the process of socialization.


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